Subaru Legacy/Outback

1999-2003 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Subaru of Legasi, Autbek
+ Cars Subaru Legacy, Outback
- Operation manual
   + Access, protection
   + Elements of security systems
   + Equipment of the car, arrangement of devices and governing bodies
   + Comfort
   - Methods of operation
      Main cautions
      Running in of the new car
      Gas station of the car
      Control of level of engine oil
      Control of level of cooling liquid of the engine
      Transportation of goods in the car
      Start of the engine
      Engine stop
      Features of driving with a manual box of gear shifting
      Features of driving with automatic transmission
      Features of control of the all-wheel drive car
      Features of operation of the car equipped with system of hydrostrengthening of a wheel (GUR)
      Features of driving, the equipped antiretractable device, - models with RKPP (at the corresponding complete set)
      Features of driving, VDC equipped with system of dynamic stabilization (at the corresponding complete set)
      Control system of speed (tempostat)
      Electric air suspension bracket (at the corresponding complete set)
      Automatic adjustment of height of provision of a back suspension bracket (Outback model)
      Recommendations about economy of fuel consumption
      Features of operation of the car equipped with the catalytic converter
      Parking of the car
      Recommendations about driving of the car in adverse weather conditions
      Operation of the car in the conditions of winter
      Towage of the trailer
+ Routine maintenance
+ Engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply system and release
+ Electric equipment of the engine
+ Manual box and differential
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment


Electric air suspension bracket (at the corresponding complete set)

 Do not lift the car a jack, the elevator, and do not carry out other works on servicing when the ignition key is in the situation ON, and also within a minute after its turning in the situation LOCK or ACC, - the system of a pneumatic suspension bracket intended for alignment of a body of the car can unexpectedly be activated that is fraught with damage of the car, and also receiving injuries of the service personnel!

Do not include ignition if the car lifted over the earth is not in horizontal situation. If it is required that the ignition key was in the situation ON, previously take a safety lock of protection of a chain of a pneumatic suspension bracket. If the safety lock was taken for the period of performance of work and ignition inclusion was made, upon completion of works turn a key in the situation LOCK, for a second or more disconnect a negative wire from the battery, then connect it back, - performance of this procedure is resulted by restoration of function of self-diagnostics in system of an electric air suspension bracket.

 Height of provision of a body of the car over a surface of the road can automatically change within the first minute after ignition inclusion, or a key conclusion from the situation ON.

The electric air suspension bracket gives opportunity of a choice of one of two versions of the provision of a suspension bracket on height of a road gleam, and also provides automatic control of the chosen height regardless of extent of loading of the car.

Installation of size of a road gleam

The design of a suspension bracket allows to choose one or the other possible provisions of a body: Normal (NORMAL) and Lifted (HIGH). Switching is made by means of the special button. For transition from the situation NORMAL to the situation HIGH it is necessary to press the switching button at the working engine. Return to normal situation is made by repeated pressing of the same button at the included ignition and is not dependent on that works or the engine is killed.

Situation NORMAL

This situation is used for the movement in normal conditions.

Situation HIGH

In this provision of a suspension bracket the body rises by about 30-40 mm above normal level. The mode is used at the movement on roads with a rough covering. Remark: Transition to the situation HIGH is possible only at speeds of movement lower than 80 km/h. At excess of the stipulated limit there is a machine translation of a suspension bracket in normal situation with return to the situation HIGH at reduction of speed lower than 50 km/h. Besides, switching of the mode of a suspension bracket is blocked during commission of turns and also when wheels of the car are at different height (for example, at arrival by one wheel on a border or at the movement in cross-country conditions).

Transfer of a suspension bracket to the situation HIGH can be followed by the short-term characteristic sound proceeding from a motive compartment and being a sign of correct functioning of system. In cold weather, especially directly after start of the engine, volume of sound can increase that should not cause concern.

The choice of the provision HIGH of a suspension bracket is followed by the activation located on an instrument guard of the light HEIGHT HI indicator (see the Section Arrangement of Working Elements). At the time of switching the indicator functions in the flashing mode, and the noticeable increase in frequency of a blinking of the indicator testifies to violation of serviceability of functioning of system and need to drive away the car on firm HUNDRED Subarus.

Automatic control of the chosen height of a road gleam

This function of system provides temporary use of the set height of provision of a body (depending on the chosen mode, - NORMAL or HIGH) regardless of presence of passengers, baggage or freight. Function works only at the switched-on engine and within one minute, after turn of a key in situation ACC or LOCK.

 Function of adjustment of height of a body is blocked during commission of turns and also when wheels of the car are at different height (for example, at arrival by one wheel on a border or at the movement in cross-country conditions).